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Why hire a Registered Dental Hygienist with a Michigan Mobile Dental Facility Permit?

By bringing the Dental Hygienist to your residence, we can provide care within your familiar environment with minimum stress. You don’t need to wait for a dental appointment or find transportation to get your teeth examined and cleaned.

What is an RDHAP?

Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (RDHAP), was developed in California in 1998 as a new dental health profession, to provide preventive dental service in your home without the need to get to a dental office.

How do I or my loved one become a patient?

You can call, email or download the New Patient Forms from the "FORMS" tab above. Fill them out and return them by mail. We will then contact you and arrange for your first visit. We will also contact your medical doctor to see if any of your medications warrant special consideration.

Do you take insurance?

All care is on a "fee for service" basis.

How much does a visit cost?

The fee for a comprehensive oral evaluation and dental cleaning with cavity prevention is $250. This includes travel time, coordination of medical forms with DDS or MD and a written Dental and Oral Health Care evaluation and recommendation. 

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